Summary of Learning

For the final assignment of my ECMP 355 class I made a video using Camtasia to summarize some of the main things that I learned over the course.  Check out my video through youtube.

I am looking forward to moving home in a couple of days and I hope that everyone has a great rest of their semester and summer!!




Winding Down

As school is starting to wind down, I am feeling so reading to take a break.  So I have decided to treat myself to the Moose Jaw Temple Gardens Spa for a day.  It will be so nice to be done worrying about assignments.  But there is still so many more decisions and other things I need to begin considering, like will I try to substitute teach in June if I get my certificate and balance work a co-op, applying for jobs and applying for substitute teaching in the fall, planning my wedding, finding a place to live.  There is still so much to do and the worst past is that when I move home to Yorkton I will have no internet connection.  All we have at our house is our phones to use as internet, but as we don’t get good service that makes it very tricky.  Oh well I am definitely looking forward to these next couple of months.

What are you doing to reward yourself for completing University? Please share your ideas…

Mentor Interview

Today I did a google hangout with my mentor Robyn Thiessen where we had a great discussion about technology in the classroom.  I could not get Hangout on air working so I had to use my phone to video tape to interview.  Robyn gave me some great ideas about technology that I could use in my classroom, such as Kidblog and animodo.  She also gave me some great suggestions of people to follow on Twitter because I am interested in connecting more to Twitter because I have been told it is a wonderful tool.  I am very grateful for the time Robyn spent answering my many questions.  I learned a lot from her responses, for example she explained to me that she is a part of a project called the Global Classroom where teachers and students come together to Skype and comment and share.  It definitely sounds like a really good idea and something that I want to look into when I have a classroom.  I am looking forward to Skyping with her class in April to say our good byes and share with them what I will be doing with my time once I graduate.  I was really lucky to get Robyn as my mentor because I truly learned a lot from her.

After quite a few hours of working to shorten and upload the video I finally got it done. Check out my mentor video here.

mentor interview youtube

Mrs Thiessen blog

How did your interview go with your mentor? What was one thing that really stuck out to you?

Learning to Recognize and Support

For my social work class I am writing a paper on child sexual abuse.  This is a very heavy topic, but I knew that when I chose to write about it.  The reason I chose it was because I felt that I did not know a whole lot about recognizing the indicators of abuse or how to go about getting the child support.  I have learned a lot about indicators which I am very glad that I did because as a teacher I need to be able to recognize the signs so that I can refer the child to services that will intervene.  Throughout my research I also realized that the media portrays the devastating effects of child abuse but they do not provide any numbers, organizations, or websites that children can go to when they need help.  Sometimes people do not notice the indicators so I think that the more society promotes organizations through the media that can help children the better because then they can get the help they need when they are dealing with abuse, bullying, etc.  The better I know my students and have relationships with them, the better I will be able to recognize when something is wrong, and the more they will trust that I want to get them the help they need.

The Wonders of Padlet

For this week’s tech task I chose to play around with Padlet to see what it is capable of.  I was truly floored by how easy it was to navigate and create a wall.  I think that this website has so many great ways that it can easily be used by teachers.  Teachers can use a wall to do a class brainstorming activity and it is really awesome that it can be saved and then the class can add to it at a later date.  Teachers can also make a wall to keep track of anecdotal notes, rather than writing on paper they could quickly create a little note with the students name and the observations. Teachers can also use this to keep track of what they are doing like on a weekly or monthly basis, for example I created a wall of all the assignments that I have left and the group meetings I have, as well as the appointments that I have in the next week, and then once I am done a task I can delete the note.  Teachers can create a wall of pictures or phrases for students to sort into categories.  I really love this website and will definitely continue to use it to keep myself organized.  How would you use Padlet in your classroom?


Focusing On Me

This week I chose to blog about the importance of spending time focusing on our physical, emotional, and mental health. Many students are balancing university, work, and family and this can be overwhelming and can lead to a lot of stress.  Currently I drive home every weekend to work 24 hours a week and I am finding it very difficult to balance school, work, and try and plan a wedding. I know what some people that are going to school are also working full time which would take up a lot of time.  I have found myself to be very stressed out this last month and having to nap at least once a day or I was not productive at all. Finally this weekend I decided to take a break from school and read a book, PURELY FOR ENJOYMENT! It felt so nice to give my mind a break and I found that when I did work on homework I was much more productive as I could focus more easily.  I think that it is important for teachers to spend a little time on their own doing something they enjoy like once a week so that they can give their body and mind a  chance to rest. Stress is a very bad thing for one’s body and so I want to do all that I can in order to reduce my stress levels and live a happier life.  Some ways that I find help me to reduce my stress is read a good romantic novel, go swimming, take my dogs for a good long walk, or go quadding or snowmobiling depending on the season.

Are you finding yourself stressed out right now? How do you deal with your stress?

Playing around with Coding

For this week’s tech task I used the Espresso Coding website to learn about simple computing. I went through the lessons in the first unit and I found them all easy to understand and thought that students would really enjoy creating their own scenes and manipulating the pictures to go where they want them to go. I also thought this website is a great introduction to creating codes because I remember learning about them in high school and making our own website using symbols and words and it made no sense to me. I also loved how students could work at their own pace through the units because they get quite a bit more complex the farther you go. This website works well for the students who struggle with technology as well as works great for students who excel with technology and all the kids in between because it has so many varied levels to it.   Because I only completed the first unit, I only created simple scenes but if I were to use this in my classroom I would spend more time working on the units so that I could create demos for the students to watch. Here are some scenes that I created:

my scene planet transport 2